Dub Software, Your provider for data integration, website hosting or GIS Mapping solutions.


Data comes in a multitude of formats from many different sources. Most of the times, this is the reason systems can't "talk" to one another.

As a provider of data management, we can get your data into a manageable framework for organization or manage your data. Your data can have a web presence for your access at all times.

We also have extensive knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office products so We can integrate data between Office Products. We can also customize a Microsoft Access database with forms to aid you in collecting and maintaining data.

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Web Sites/Hosting

Don't know how to build a website, We can build one for you. We will work with you to come up with the best design for your business. Once the site is built, DUB Software will host your site for a annual fee.

Already have a website? We can host your site giving it more support and minor updates for an annual fee.

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Need GIS/Mapping features on your website, We are experienced with Open Source software solutions like Leaflet and PostGreSQL to offer GIS/Web Mapping features to your website.

Using Open Source solutions means savings for you.

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Desktop Applications

We build desktop interfaces to your data. Whether that data resides in an in-house database or a web enabled SQL Server instance, we can help you manage that data.

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Data Management

We are specialist with RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL.