DUB Software was born out of a desire to use my years of experience with many technologies and software development to help a few freinds with their businesses.

One became two, two became three and there it went. I have loved working in these technologies and I love solving problems.

In 1992 I was a draftsman that got an interest in programming by seeing what was possible by others who had already aquired that knowledge. I orginally thought I would use it to help get my work done. It quickly became a valuable skill that was recognized by my employer.

"Since you could do that, can you do this?" instantly became the question I got the most. Soon I was creating full featured applications to work within the AutoCAD© environment.

From there, databases and Intranet Web Applications needed to be built and managed to support a 150+ person engineering department. Other applications built for AutoCad© and ArcMap© for GIS that required data and application support.

Movng on from there to a sofftware company continued to build on my skill set venturing into VR and mobile development as well as other emerging technologies.

You will be working with 25+ years worth of experience in multiple technologies to aid in your projects.